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WOR(L)D -BUILDING: And Not Just the Basics

Have your words grown unwieldy? Are your publishing goals full of holes?

Whether you need writerly clarity and encouragement,  

a full-scale edit, or a ghost writer, chances are I can help

I have thirty-plus years of professional writing and editing 

experience in many fields and facets of publishing. 

My specialties are 

  • academic works (books, reports, articles)
  • children’s literature  
  • poetry (metrics/scansion) 
  • guiding aspiring authors through self-publishing projects

I’m also a citations expert.

References available upon request!

Perseverance and Revision: The Keys to Polished (Publishable) Work

Like life and penning poems, this website is a work-in-progress. 

Tweaks, tears, and a few typos are inevitable. Also joy, and some jolly good  photos!