roller coaster


Love has its up













O  V  E  R  D  O  E  S 




it’ll shine, thenparking lotdisappear—

  Love is lovely and gOoFy and GUT-WRENCHING and inestimable—i.e.,

Love is profound.  

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    Just Octofools in Love

       “Octofools in Love,” by Martinho Ribeiro

    Blogopus would like to welcome another addition to The Octopus Garden to help kickoff our Month of Undulating Octopus Love.

    According to the lovestruck fellow’s creator, artist Martinho Ribeiro, “I created this painting in Photoshop while I was in love with a girl who adored octopuses. The original painting had a dedication, but the relationship ended shortly thereafter. Hence, why I call this painting ‘Octofools in Love.’”

    We’re sorry things dissolved in a mist of ink, Martinho, but thank your for sharing your vibrant artwork with our readers. More of Martinho’s work can be found on Deviant Art and on Facebook under Mr. Martino. Contact him at

    *  *  *

    Help us populate The Octopus Garden.

    Love is in the air… ocean!

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      I ♥ Pizza

      photo (and pizza) by Jessica Chernesky

      There are as many ways to say “I Love You” as there are stars in the cerulean sky. But what you need to make love real—as any tinman knows—is heart.

      And it is often said that when we love what we do, we are putting “our heart into it.”

      Whether you are writing the first draft of the next great American novel or building a snowman or throwing a pizza, when you put your heart into it, chances are you know the feeling of losing yourself within the process.

      You look up from your beloved work—and time has flown.

      That’s inspiring, but the act of creation can also be lonely and isolating at times. On top of that, it can seem as if it takes three hearts just to keep pace with what we love and everything we have to do.

      Rushing recently from one obligation to another in the family van (also referred to as the “Mommy Coaster”), I heard this well-known, wonderful, and hilariously performed song on the Broadway channel on Sirius radio. I’ll admit it’s just what I needed to go from sagging to grinning.

      So have a little heart—and a little pizza. And don’t hesitate to ask for “the woiks.”

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