Dive In!

Would you like to help The Octopus Garden grow?

Photographers and illustrators: Send us a sketch or photo of your favorite octopus! We’ll feature your creature on a daily post with a paragraph about your work, add your credited image to The Octopus Garden, and add a link to your website on our favorites list.

Kids: Send us an octopus drawing or painting. We’ll feature your artwork on a daily post with your first name and age (or anonymously, if you prefer), and add your octopus to The Octopus Garden.

Teachers: Have your class send octopus artwork to blogopus. We’ll feature it on a daily post, add your octopi to The Octopus Garden, and send your students a Robby Octopus bookmark!

Contact us at: blogopus@feliciachernesky.com and include The Octopus Garden as your subject (pictures in GIF or JPG format, please). We can’t wait to populate the garden!


photo by Lauren Markham


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